Recce Synth 3 Pro I Multicam Alpine
Recce Synth 3 Pro I Multicam Alpine

Recce Synth 3 Pro I Multicam Alpine

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A perfect solution for military and police operators resting on a variety of odd places and temperatures.


The Recce Synth 3 Pro will give comfort, good rest and restitution in use from colder long-term OP´s to crashing a school gymnastic hall for a couple of days training.

This is a special designed sleeping bag for SOF operators where speed, efficiency and range of use is key. We use the most thermally efficient and durable synthetic fiber on the market today. ClimaShield Apex has the best compression resistance and will not flat out even after long term use and washes due to the fiber strength, treatment and continuous fiber construction.

Due to the innovative construction, breathable inside and outside Pertex fabrics and a Aquaban treatment of the synthetic fiber body moisture passes through the  insulation and fabric, preventing a clammy feel.

ClimaShield Apex is extremely hydrophobic and as excellent water retention values compared to other synthetics in the market. This increases warmth when wet, reduces drying time and broaden the scope of use.

The design is wide for over the shoulder, knees and footbox for increased comfort and usability with different clothing systems. The Recce Synth 3 Pro is also a part of our sleepingbag system and will work excellent with the Overbag Pro if you want to transform it to a winter alternative.


  • Construction: Shingle construction through out
  • Extremely durable fiber quality
  • True 3-season use
  • Baffel behind zipper: Yes, integrated into the neck collar for minimal heat loss
  • Extra insulated footbox
  • Big 3D well insulated hood with adjustment
  • Zipper: YKK with anti-snag mold incorporated
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Dries quickly and excellent breathability
  • Very good loft retention and durable
  • Siliconised Inside and partial outside fabric to prevent moisture penetrating
  • Perfect for use with Overbag Pro and Overbag Light



  • Material: Pertex Quantum inside, Brookwoods Balloon Multicam outer
  • Fill: ClimaShield Apex with Aquaban Treatment
  • EN/ISO 23537:
    • Comfort: -4 C
    • Comfort Limit: - 11C
    • Extreme:-29 C
  • Packsize: L x 33cm, W x26 cm, H x 26 cm (not compressed)
  • Weight Sleepingbag: 1651g (reg size)
  • Weight Stuffsack: 174g